Once exclusive to only a lucky few, this is a lager so good, so refreshing and so generous that we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves any longer.

We dreamed of a beer that captures the essence of who we are. The result? A lager that takes your taste buds on the road trip of a lifetime. A beer with real personality, a beer that talks to you, that tells our story. One sip and you’ll know there’s nothing like it – this is the original passion, the original taste, the original brew of the Cederberg.



A masterful blend of crystal clear mountain water and the noblest hops, well rested for 3 weeks at a cool zero degrees. Like a well-tuned Pontiac, this medium-bodied lager balances powerful flavour with timeless style: floral notes with a hint of citrus complement its full malty aroma. Please your tastebuds. Indulge your thirst.
Per Bottle: 440ml | 4.5% ALC.VOL


Our inaugural pair of beers is set to become as legendary as the intrepid twosome they are named after. Known for their appearances in the work of C.Louis Leipold and later the music of David Kramer, Boggom and Voertsek were two nomads who lived life without limits and bowed to no rules but their own. Stricken with wanderlust and an unquenchable thirst, these two rogues traveled the barren plains of the Cederberg region in their dusty Pontiac – on a quest to drink the most epic brews they can lay their hands on, and just maybe, discover the meaning of life somewhere along the way.



The more casual side of our duo, Boggom’s relaxed attitude makes him the more approachable half of the iconic pair. His laid-back and welcoming personality is reflected in the broad appeal of this refreshing and fruity ale with an elegant roasty character, medium-bodied with a sweet malty finish. Its unmatched drinkability makes it a beer anyone can fall in love with.
Per Bottle: 440ml | 4.5% ALC.VOL



Following the mantra of living fast and dying young, Voertsek forms the wilder side of the legendary duo. When it comes to having fun, Voertsek doesn’t play around. Such a bold approach to life might not be for everyone, but those that get it always want more. Pleasantly hoppy with floral and citrus aromas with a brilliant dry finish, Voertsek Pale Ale is a full flavoured beer for the hop lovers, flavour that forces you to confront and consider what you are drinking.
Per Bottle: 440ml | 6% ALC.VOL