Cederberg Brewery is David, Alex and Tammy. They are tinkerers and experimenters, blending traditional methods, expertise and ingenuity with passion, artisanal devotion and creativity, using only 100% natural ingredients to produce full flavour, handcrafted beer. Alex and Tammy met while studying together at Stellenbosch. They joined David’s wine making team in 2009 as student intern and returned as full-time winemakers in 2011. The next year they got married on the farm.


Proud to be the fifth-generation Nieuwoudt on Dwarsrivier, internationally acclaimed winemaker and successful entrepreneur, David oversees the operations and running of the brewery. It was during his wine marketing trips to Europe that he fell in love with the ales of Belgium (essential drinking for any self-respecting beer nerd.)


Acclaimed winemaker, brewer with a great passion for beer and love of hops, Alex is an enthusiast of all things fermentable. Growing up in Namibia, he has been brewing beer  in his German mother’s kitchen long before he was

old enough to buy it. Influenced by different cultures and brewing methods during his travels overseas and especially California, he was inspired to develop new recipes. For his sheer love of the frothy elixir, Alex began using his downtime to experiment with brewing in Dwarsrivier’s kitchen. It wasn’t long before David caught wind of the magic, was bitten by the brewing bug and Cederberg Brewery came to be.


Accomplished wine-maker and Alex’s better half, Tammy is armed with a razor-sharp palette and an uncanny sense of flavour balance. She is our brewery’s resident taste-tester and helps with bottling.